We use the power of storytelling to win campaigns online and on the ground

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We create progress

Beehive Group is a boutique marketing and strategic communications firm based in picturesque Northern Ontario. We specialize in political campaigns and elections, public policy consulting, and campaign direction for the change sector.


Brands who seek success must outperform, outmaneuver, and outsmart the competitor by staying relevant and jumping ahead to the next curve.


The first interaction many people will have with you is through your online properties. We'll help you take your message online.


Fueled by your insight, our team ignites the creative, passionate, and professional strategy that integrates diverse mediums to connect with people, grow movements, and drive sales.

Campaign Leadership

We're proud to represent the progressive, the brave, and the fearlessly authentic.

We are a collective of visionaries and community organizers, a collaborative agency born through the marriage of creative and business intelligence. We provoke new ways to community organizing through data modelling and micro-targeting. We create emotional connection through meaningful interaction and engagement. We are in the business of creating progress, building the future of our communities through engaging campaign solutions rooted in actionable strategy that yield measurable results.

Campaign Solutions

We provide tailor-made marketing and communications solutions for non-profits, charities, trade unions, small businesses, Indigenous organizations, and political candidates.

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